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New Landmark Trees Designated

Post Date:03/13/2023 2:29 p.m.

Trees are a treasured asset in Folsom and provide widespread benefits to the community.

Folsom’s urban forest includes some trees that have endured since before the city’s inception. Since then, these trees have provided multiple environmental, social, and economic benefits that have been instrumental in shaping our communities.

The Landmark Tree program was created in 1996 to locate, document, and compile a record of remarkable trees within the City of Folsom. Landmark trees are designated by the City Council as extra special and protected from physical damage and removal.

On February 28, 2023, the Folsom City Council added two new trees to its Landmark Tree List: 710 Sibley Street and 192 Blue Ravine Road. Folsom now has 11 landmark trees and two landmark groves. For more information about the City of Folsom Landmark Tree Program, visit

192 Blue Ravine Road

710 Sibley Street

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