Plan Review

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Plan Review is required to verify the designer has prepared the permit documents in compliance with the current Building Code and Folsom Municipal Code Requirements.

Starting March 14th, 2022, Building Permit Applications can be completed online through our new permitting system, eTRAKiT.

Once the permit application is deemed complete and plan check fees are collected via eTRAKiT, a portal for submitting plans and documents is created in our Plan Review System, ProjectDox.  The applicant will receive an email invitation to ProjectDox where they can upload the plans and supplemental documents.

Once submitted, City Staff will review the plans and documents for Building Code compliance.  Any corrections required will be issued via ProjectDox and the applicant can respond through ProjectDox and upload revised plans or documents. The status of the plan review can be checked at any time by logging in to ProjectDox.  The Building Division also has estimated plan review timelines to help track submittals. 

To check the status of a permit in plan review, please log in to ProjectDox and click on All Projects on the right hand side of the home screen.  The statuses are noted below:

UPLOAD: Plans and documents need to be uploaded and submitted for review.  Click on Tasks in the upper left to see any outstanding Upload and Submit Tasks

PRESCREEN: Plans and documents are submitted and a completeness check by the Coordinator is being conducted.  This includes a check that the plans meet the City Standards for electronic submittals.  To learn more about the City Standards, please visit the ePermit Center.

PRESCREEN CORRECTIONS: Plans and documents do not meet the City Standards to be submitted for plan review.  Click on Tasks in the upper left to see any outstanding Prescreen Corrections tasks to view why the submittal was deemed incomplete.

IN REVIEW: The permit is currently in review with City Staff.  See our estimated plan review timelines based on permit type for standard days for review.  Note, these are estimated timelines that may vary based on staff workload.

PAYMENT VERIFICATION: The permit has been approved by the City Plan Reviewers and has moved to processing.  Processing includes calculating fees, payment of issuance fees and submittal of any additional documents required prior to issuance.  To see if the Coordinator is waiting for any additional information from the applicant, click on Tasks on the left and look for the Outstanding Items Task.

PRE-APPROVED: All documents and payments have been provided and the permit is getting stamped and processed by the Coordinator.  The approved plans and documents will soon be available.

APPROVED: The permit has been issued and the approved plans and documents are available for download.  Click on the Down Arrow next to the Approved status to download the files. 

Once the permit is approved, the applicant will be notified via email any Outstanding Items and how to pay the permit issuance fees.  Once the fees are paid and the Outstanding Items are provided, the Coordinator will process the documents.  Once issued, the approved documents will be available for download in ProjectDox.  Please note, full-sized plans and documents are required to be on site prior to the first inspection.  Failure to have the plans available on site may result in a FAILED inspection.

Construction shall not commence on any permit until the Building Permit is issued.

Building Plan Review Process

Building Plan Review Process

  1. Applicant Submits Permit Application via eTRAKiT
  2. Application Completeness Check completed by Coordinator
  3. Applicant Pays Plan Check Fees via eTRAKiT
  4. Applicant Uploads and Submits Plans and Documents via ProjectDox
  5. Plans Completeness Check completed by Coordinator
  6. Code Compliance Review by Plan Review Staff
  7. Fees calculated and Approval completed by Coordinator
  8. Applicant Uploads additional documents via ProjectDox
  9. Applicant Pays Issuance Fees via eTRAKiT
  10. Processing of documents for Issuance completed by Coordinator
  11. Issuance of Permit Card via eTRAKiT, Stamped Plans and Documents via ProjectDox
  12. Start Construction
Additional Agency Review Information
Electronic Plan Review (ProjectDox)