Plan Review

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Plan Review is required to verify the designer has prepared the permit documents in compliance with the current Building Code and Folsom Municipal Code Requirements.  The City of Folsom uses two separate systems, eTRAKit and ProjectDox for the application, plan review, issuance, and inspection process. 

eTRAKiT is utilized for applying for permits or revisions, paying fees, scheduling inspections and viewing inspection results.  Some permits, called Minor Permits, may be reviewed and issued using eTRAKiT.  Please see the Minor Permit handout for additional information.

ProjectDox is used in conjunction with eTRAKiT for Major Permits where multiple divisions or departments are required to review the plans.  Examples of Major Permits include swimming pools, photovoltaic systems, patio covers, retaining walls, new residential homes or commercial buildings, additions or minor structures such as sheds or pool houses, ADUs, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and signs.

Major Permit Submittal and Review Process

  1. Applicant:  Submit Permit Application via eTRAKiT
  2. Coordinator:  Perform Completeness Check and verify Plan Check Fees
  3. Applicant:  Pay Plan Check Fees via eTRAKiT
  4. Applicant:  Receive invitation to ProjectDox and upload plans and documents
  5. CoordinatorPerform Completeness Check of plans and documents
  6. Plan Review Staff:  Review plans for Code Compliance
  7. Coordinator:  Calculate Issuance Fees and Approve permit
  8. Applicant:  Pay Issuance Fees via eTRAKiT, confirm fees are paid in ProjectDox
  9. Coordinator:  Process permit and release approved documents via ProjectDox and Issue Permit Card via eTRAKiT
  10. Applicant:  Start Construction

Permit Process Flow Chart

All building Permit Applications are required to be submitted online through our permitting system, eTRAKiT.  You can create an account in eTRAKiT and apply for any type of building permit.  NOTE: No documents are required at the time of application for Major Permits.

Once the permit application is deemed complete by your Coordinator and plan check fees are collected via eTRAKiT, a portal for submitting plans and documents is created in our Plan Review System, ProjectDox.  You will receive an email invitation to ProjectDox where plans and documents can be uploaded.  If the permit application is incomplete, you will be notified via email and will need to log in to eTRAKiT to see what additional information is required.

Once the plans and documents are submitted per the submittal guidelines outlined at the ePermit Center, your Coordinator will review the documents to confirm they were submitted per the City of Folsom Submittal Guidelines.  If they are submitted correctly, your Coordinator will route to City Staff for review.  If they are not per the guidelines, you will be notified via email and will need to log in to ProjectDox to see what revisions are required prior to being routed to City Staff.

Next, City Staff will review the plans and documents for Building Code compliance.  Any corrections required will be provided via ProjectDox. You will respond to the comments via ProjectDox and upload any revised plans or documents. NOTE: Please use the same exact name for any revised documents.  ProjectDox has a versioning function that helps the reviewers expedite reviews in subsequent cycles.

Once the plans are approved by City Staff, you will receive an email notification via eTRAKiT to log in to eTRAKiT and pay the issuance fees due.  You can pay via eTRAKiT or in person at City Hall and complete the Outstanding Items Task in ProjectDox.  NOTE: If the Outstanding Items Task is not completed, your project will not move forward.

Once all fees have been paid and any outstanding items are resolved, your Coordinator will process and issue the plans in ProjectDox.  You will receive an email when the plans are ready to be downloaded.  Simply log in to ProjectDox to print out the plans and documents.  The Building Permit Card is located in eTRAKiT.  NOTE: The applicant is required to have all approved plans and documents printed full-sized on site prior to their first inspection.  Failure to do so may result in a FAILED inspection.

To learn more about inspections, please visit the Inspection Page.  Construction shall not commence on any permit until the Building Permit is issued.

Application Submittal and Issuance (eTRAKiT)
Electronic Plan Review (ProjectDox)
Additional Agency Review Information