Request a Ride-Along with a Folsom Police Officer

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The Folsom Police Ride-Along program allows Folsom residents to observe the Police Department at work. The Folsom Police Department believes that our partnership between residents and officers will continue to grow through active community participation.

Ride-Alongs enable community members to see how officers handle a variety of situations. First-hand exposure to the experiences that officers encounter daily can help participants better evaluate the quality of service the Police Department provides. We hope that riders’ experience will reinforce confidence in our department and the ways we help our community.

Participant Conduct

Riders will not interfere with an officer while the officer is handling a call or incident. Failure to obey any direction by an officer will cause the Ride-Along to be terminated immediately.

Ride-Along participants may not bring cameras, recording devices, cell phones, personal electronic or other types of recording devices unless they are credentialed members of the media and have prior authorization from the Patrol Commander. All photos or recordings taken by Ride-Along program participants, if authorized by the Patrol Commander, are property of the Folsom Police Department until released by the Folsom Police Chief.

Ride-Along participants are prohibited from using any personal electronic device (such as, but not limited to, a camera, recording device, cell phone, iPad or similar electronic device) or accessing social media (such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or other similar sites) during the Ride-Along. Exceptions may only be authorized by a shift supervisor.

Ride-Along participants must refrain from discussing names or people involved in cases or other incidents with anyone outside the Folsom Police Department. Each Ride-Along participant will be considered a confidant of the Police Department. It is essential that all matters related to the services provided by the Police Department, and any and all personal information including names, criminal or medical history, and statements gathered remain confidential in accordance with state law, and for medical information, in compliance with Federal HIPPA regulations. Any civil and/or criminal penalties assessed for a breach of confidentiality under HIPPA by a rider are the sole responsibility of the rider. 

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