Copper water Pipe typical of household installation

Pinhole Leaks Investigation

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The City of Folsom Environmental and Water Resources Department has received multiple reports of pinhole water leaks in Folsom residential and commercial buildings. The City of Folsom is committed to keeping the public informed about the status of the copper pipe pinhole water leaks, and actions taken to prevent and significantly slow pinhole leaks from occurring. This webpage is updated as new information is available. 

If you would like to report a pinhole leak, please fill out the pinhole leak survey. For questions or additional information, contact the Environmental and Water Resources Department at 916-461-6177 or


Timeline of Pinhole Leaks in Folsom




  • Are we adding too much chlorine to the water?
  • Are we required to add chlorine to the water?
  • Did the City make any changes to the water pressure of the system?
  • Do all the leaks occur on cold water pipes?
  • Does anyone know what was specifically changed in the water supply recently? Does anyone know why our pH is at 9?
  • Does the City add any chemicals to prevent corrosion?
  • Does the City have hard water?
  • Does the City have to report these pinhole leaks to the State Water Resources Control Board?
  • Does the City perform laboratory tests for heavy metals?
  • Does the City use chloramines in their water system?
  • Does the City’s water have a low pH?
  • Has the City made any changes to the treatment process recently, in the last 5 years?
  • Has the City made any changes to the water pressure?
  • How does the City’s treatment process and use of chemicals compare to neighboring water agencies?
  • How long has the City used its current disinfectant, sodium hypochlorite?
  • Is the City’s water safe to drink?
  • Is there an optimal pH target?
  • What is the City doing?
  • What is the source of the City’s drinking water?
  • Where do residents in American River Canyon get their water supply?
  • Who can we contact about a pinhole leak?
  • Who determines what the pH should be?
  • Why is the pH so high in Folsom? Is it the same as other water districts that source their water from Folsom Lake, like San Juan Water District (SJWD) and Roseville?
  • Why the apparent increase in pH after about 2016-2017?
  • Will a whole house filtration system filter out orthophosphate the City is adding to coat the interior of the copper pipes?
  • Will the City make the findings of the analysis available to the public?
  • Will the study provide any recommendations?
  • Would a lower pH have prevented pinhole leaks?