Code Enforcement Program/Hearings

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The City of Folsom uses a Code Enforcement Program to ensure fair and uniform application of the Folsom Municipal Code and other applicable laws. This page is intended to help you understand the Code Enforcement Program procedure. This is not a legal document. If you have additional questions about the Code Enforcement Program, you can purchase copies of the Code Enforcement Ordinance from the city clerk's office. The city cannot give you legal advice, and you are encouraged to consult with your own legal counsel.

If you have received a Notice, it is either a Notice to Correct, a Notice of Administrative Violation, or a Notice to Abate. If you are unsure what type of Notice you received, check the top of your pink copy and see which block has been marked. The Notice provides the facts that describe the violation(s), the provisions of the law which have been violated, the proposed sanctions, and the "Enforcement Authority" who gave you the Notice.

You now have several options, depending on the type of Notice you received. Each type of Notice is explained below.