Online District Drawing Tool

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Online Mapping Tool Video Tutorial: 


Directions for online by-district mapping tool:

1. Go to the DRA website.

2. Create an account by clicking Sign Up in the top right-hand corner.

3. Use your email address as a username and create a password.

4. Click on the menu icon with three lines in the top left corner.


5. Click on “My Maps” with a dropdown arrow on the upper left side.


6. Select “Published Maps”.

7. In the search bar on the top of the page, search for “Folsom City Council Blank Template”.

8. Find “Folsom City Council Blank Template” in the list of search results and check the check box to the left of the preview icon.

9. Click the “Duplicate” button near the top of the page. This will create a map labeled “Copy of Folsom City Council Blank Template” in your list. This step may take a few seconds to load.

10. Check the check box next to your “Copy of Folsom City Council Blank Template” map and click the “Edit” button near the top of the page. This opens the map. 

11. To change the name of the map, click on the map name on the top of the page. An editable dialog box will appear. Rename the map to your initials and today’s date. For example, if your name is John Paul Smith and today’s date is January 1, 2022, your map would be named “JPS01012022”. 


12. If streets and street names are not visible, click “Overlays” from the menu on the bottom left, then check “Background Map”.

13. For population and ethnicity data to be displayed on the map, check the “Labels” box with the down arrow to the left in the “Overlays” box.


a. Choose the desired data to display and click “Apply”.

14. To begin drawing districts, select a colored circle in the District Selector section. There are five districts; each district need to be equal in population size with the largest district being no more than 1,500 people larger than the smallest district.

15. Using the Tool Bar at the top to draw your map:

a. To move around the map, use the Hand (“Pan”) tool.

b. To select areas for a district, first choose a color in the left menu “District Selector”. Then, use the Paint Brush (“Paint map features”) tool and click each area to add to the selected district.

c. To remove area from a district use the “Erase” tool and click an area.

d. Zoom in and out using the + and – buttons.

16. As you draw your map, details of each census block you click or hover over will appear to the right in the “Precinct Details” box.

17. Click “District Details” beneath the “District Selector” to see running totals for the selected district as you create it.

18. To further refine your map beyond each census area, click the “Block” button at the top, then select an area. The area will “Shatter” and smaller blocks that make up a precinct will appear. Use the Paint Brush tool or Eraser tool to select or deselect the smaller blocks.

19. After completing your map, click the “Maps” button with three lines in the top right corner.

20. Check the box to the left of your newly created map, then click the “Publish” button from the icons at the top. A dialog box will appear; ensure your Map Name is correct (see step 12) and click “Publish”.

21. To submit your map, ensure the check box to the left of your map is still checked, then click the Share button towards the top of the page. A dialog box with a direct link to your map will appear. Copy the link (URL) to your map and email to along with your full name.