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Folsom generates about 200 tons of waste every day. Part of the Folsom Solid Waste Division’s mission is to develop, promote, and maintain sustainable practices that conserve resources and reduce the amount of solid waste going to our landfills. We are proud to provide residential, multifamily, and business recycling services.

State Recycling Laws and Requirements

State law (AB 939) requires that every jurisdiction in California divert from landfill disposal at least 50% of the waste stream by source reduction, recycling, and composting. Since the city’s Curbside Recycling Program began in 2005, the city has consistently met or exceeded the state's 50% landfill diversion requirements.

State Assembly Bill 341, known as the Mandatory Commercial Recycling law enacted in 2012, includes a statewide goal of 75% recycling by the year 2020. It requires that the city provide a recycling program and that certain businesses subscribe to its use.

State Assembly Bill 1826 know as the Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling Law requires that the City provide a recycling program to certain businesses to remove organic materials from the waste stream (food and green waste) and from landfill disposal. Multifamily complexes of five or more units are exempt from food waste recycling, but must recycle their green waste.

State Assembly Bill 827 requires that certain businesses provide containers for recyclable materials sold and consumed on the premises and provide signing to identify those containers and what goes in them.

Senate Bill 1383, requires that by January 1, 2022, the city must provide a program to collect and recycle food and green waste from all residential and commercial customers. SB 1383 includes provisions for penalties and fines for those not in compliance with the law.